The Manipuri Religion

The Manipuri Religion is said to be the oldest organized religion of south-east Asia.

Manipuri religion is Open, Universal in outlook and without any founder prophet or any holy book. The deeply philosophical Manipuri religion propounds  the universal concept of equality of mankind that all human made on the image of God, in other words all human are made equal since there is only one creator.

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Compilers Note:

This compilation mainly based on certain works on Meetei Religion and Faith by some eminent Manipuri scholars, including research works of some Indian writers and some foreign writers as well. Also several Meetei and Bishnupriya inhabited areas in Assam, Tripura and Bangladesh were surveyed to investigate the doctrines and practices of the people. I have discussed and taken interviews of more than 100 old members, members of social organizations, Manipuri Bamons, farmers, weavers, goldsmiths and custodians of sacred texts.

A limited attempt to set up a link between the traditional Manipuri Gods with Hindu Gods may be found in some works of Manipuri writers. The process of detection should be viewed with the facility of Hindu Gods to absorb and become identified with local Gods. The ideas have been taken up by those Manipuri writers who were involved to establish a Vedic or Hindu ancestry of them, the theories are also mentioned here along with the name of the writers/researchers name.


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