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Madoi  Soralel Ela (Madoi Soralel Songs)
Songs composed in Medieval Bishnupriya Manipuri Language, 1650 A.D.


Madoi gidei saloili, boksabadiya saloili, koiou durei oilita
tengara sinchat laloili, babaro matiou na deklo, kotou durei oilita
pampol tingdiya kadiri, ima bulia dahiri, kotou durei oilita

English Rendering:

(Madai, a maiden of the Alakga family has been given in marriage to Saralel, the king of the gods.) She starts for Soralel's place. She stretches her hands, cries loudly, crosses over hills and dales and goes far away. (Thus, she goes above in heaven.)


Hunorta raja hunorta, hunorta raja hunorta
babro gorgo pureko, jeikga raja jeikga
najeiga madoi najeiga, tor babaro gorgo napurer
jeinga raja jeinga, hunarkeirak lama diyade
babaro gorgo purerko, jeinga raja jeinga
najeiga madoi najeiga, tor babro gorenajeiga
tor babro gore gelega huror pohu kheiteiga
huror pohu kheiteiga, modro sorap piteiga
modro sorap napitou, huror pohu naheitoi
hunar keirak lamade, jeingaraja jeinga
korifaba kheya jaga, hunarkeirak amadilu
tor bar gore gelega digali pirak naboheiga
modro sorap napisga, huror pohu naheisga

English Rendering:

(One day, Madai hears a loud noise coming from below and, looking downwards, finds that a mass of smoke is rising from her father's house.) She tells the king that her father's house is in flames and requests him to allow her to go to her father's house. Saralel first tells her that her father's house is not on fire. When Madai expresses her strong desire to go, he says that he, apprehends she may take meat and wine if she goes to her father's house.
Madai promises that she will not take meat and wine there. Then Saralel proposes that Madai should keep Kari Phaba, her son, with him and go to her father's house alone. Madai accepts the proposal. Saralel warns her not to sit on long couches. He then stretches downwards a golden ladder.


Madoi gidei keirak lamaniye
dakou kurung bareitara, belao kekruk rhoeitara
madoi gidei keirak lamaniye
ningolo jethi ahili, digali piranikalei
naboitou baba naboitou, digali pirat naboitou
rajaro mana napeilu, naboitou baba naboitou
ningolo jethi ahili, modlo sorap nikalei
modro sorap nikalei, huror pohu radhedei
huror pohu neheitou, modro sorap napitou
modro sorap napitou, digali pirat naboitou

English Rendering:

Madoi descends along the golden ladder. All look at her joyfully. When she comes, her father orders the family-members to offer a long couch to her. Midai declines to take her seat on the couch. Then, the father ,orders them to offer her drink and meat, of boar cooked. Madai declines to take wine and meat of boar.


Nadektoi ima nadektoi, tambul hathan tangtou e
mohori hathan khalkoro, homaga madoi piga
lomoilu baba lomoilu, lomoilu baba lomoilu
rajaro keirak tulloko, lomoilu baba lomoilu
na kadi karifaba, leipak thipi kariphaba
madoi gidei khamna laloiliye

English Rendering:

Then, the father proposes to offer her wine at a place ,covered by seven mosquito-nets, so that Saralel does not see her taking wine. (Madai accepts the proposal. When she is just going to take a sip of wine, Saralel spits from above, and the spit, passing through the seven mosquito-nets, falls upon the wine-pot. Madai understands the matter.) Looking behind, Madai finds that Saralel is lifting the golden ladder. She is greatly shocked, cries loudly, consoles Kari Phaba from below and passes over hills and dales.


Courtesy: Dr. K.P. Sinha, MA Phd, D Lit


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